Video - New Moon - Bring Me To Life (aka Meet me on the Equinox video)

Videa Tatra 84 New Moon - Bring Me To Life (aka Meet me on the Equinox video)

New Moon - Bring Me To Life (aka Meet me on the Equinox video)

EDIT: I changed the song since I got some comments telling BMtL sounded better than the new song I tried.("Waiting" by Desoto Jones) ATTENTION: All the comments saying how there are several places where you can watch New Moon for free will be DELETED! EDIT: Nov. 2009: The song was muted so I changed it using AudioSwap. It's now Bring me to life by Evanescence. I think it works surprisingly well! EDIT: May 2010: I went to the audio swap page again and tried to find one song and see if it'd fit. Well, the song I would've loved to see this video with wasn't there BUT I saw one familiar band and found a song that I absolutely love and decided to see what it'd be like if I changed it. And here's the result. This song's lyrics fit with the video so well that it scares me! Video I made using the clips from the 3 trailers. Enjoy! Song: "Meet me on the Equinox" by Death Cab for Cutie I don't get it, I'm always writing it as AT the Equinox, not ON.. EDIT. And now I've finally gotten it, this is why it's ON, not AT: KingOfDouchebags: "it's On the Equinox because an Equinox is the time of year that where the south hemisphere and north hemisphere so it would have to be on, if it was at the

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